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About CCC

Welcome to the online home of Clyde Challenor Customs (CCC). This venture was born in 2014 when Clyde Challenor started making handmade knives in Durban, South Africa. The CCC brand was officially created on 12 October 2014 when Clyde joined forces with Francois Nell, a fellow knife enthusiast and "artgineer" based in Cape Town. Francois is responsible for the creative side of CCC (knife design, graphics, marketing material, and this site).

Dylan Springer joined the team in 2019. Dylan is a master of CNC and CAM and a real boffin with 3D CAD. Dylan enables CCC to do everything in-house.

The Clyde Challenor makers mark 

Clyde and Francois are doing this part-time, driven by their passion for knives. For them it's not about making money from the making and selling of knives, but about the joy of creating the best knives possible.

The first priority for CCC is excellence in engineering. Every knife we make has to be functionally perfect. Everything CCC makes has to work well for its intended purpose and not be items of adoration not able to handle proper use.

FN 009.png
The Francois Nell designers mark, aka "Nell Bolt"
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