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Heat Treatment

Do you really know what you're getting when buying a knife? Will the knife perform as well as you expect?

Probably the most critical issue for blade performance is the HEAT TREATMENT (HT) process and the challenge for the customer is not knowing how well this process was performed on the blade of his/her knife. A poor HT regimen can unfortunately easily be hidden from the customer which will not show up until the day a blade is put under strain (and with expensive custom-made knives this very seldom happens).


So, no matter what the specifications say can be expected from a steel, it depends a lot on the quality of the HT process applied. A good knife maker takes a lot of pride in his/her HT process. A good maker works hard to get the optimum performance out of a blade steel using the HT process. This is where the true value of custom-made knives comes in. Factories cannot give every single blade the attention that a custom maker will give, and this custom attention with heat treatment makes all the difference in the world.


Clyde prides himself in the HT regimen he follows and hard use field tests have proven that his claims are reliable. One will not find many knives that come as sharp as Clyde's and able to retain that sharpness for as long.

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