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Prices & Options


Base: $900
Composite Inlay: +$100
Exotic Inlay: +$200
Damasteel Blade: +$200
Damacore Blade: +$400
Signed Poster of Clyde: +$1000

All prices indicated are in US $.

Handmade knives (MK2, for example) will be priced on a case by case basis (contact Clyde).

Price includes shipping and PayPal fees.

Buyer to pay import duties and taxes as applicable in his/her country.

CCC cannot be held accountable for Customs clearance issues. Customer needs to be familiar with the applicable laws in his/her country.

Viper comes with a 3,5" reverse tanto (RT), or drop-point blade. Frame is contoured.

Talon comes with a 3,25" reverse tanto (RT) blade. Frame is flat.

Hornet comes with a 3" reverse tanto (RT), straight back, or clip point blade. Frame is flat.

All three models use frame-locks. Handmade knives use liner-locks.

All frame-lock knives come with ceramic bearings and ceramic detent.

Frames and handmade knife liners are made from Grade 5 (6Al4V) Titanium sourced from the USA.

Blade steels typically used include:

  • Bohler Uddeholm M390

  • Damasteel's RWL-34

  • Damasteel

  • Other steels can be specified by client (incl. CPM S110V, CPM 3V, D2, etc) but price will change accordingly. These steels are not in stock and will be ordered from USA. Every steel has unique machining and hardening characteristics so CCC prefers to work with what we know best: M390 and RWL-34.

Learn more about knife steels here.

For handle scales and inlays CCC typically offers:

All cutting is done using CNC technologies. This is done to meet exact tolerances that will ensure CCC knives function perfectly.

Custom-Tech knives have iBar steel lock-face insert that includes ceramic detent and over-travel stop.

All heat treating (HT) is done in-house by Clyde. This is a most critical process that makes or breaks a knife.

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